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The history of T2K/SoA

SOF2 was originally released in May of 2002. It was widely known (and criticized) for being a very realistic and bloody game. The game included a new engine that allowed for the graphic depiction of bodily dismemberment. Numerous indictments were made against the game by various political action groups. Unfortunately for those appalled by the violence, the publicity that they shed upon the game only led to increased popularity. Soon, the game was host to a wide variety of servers and clans. However, many of these were transient: here one day and gone the next.

In the summer of 2005, ATB decided to rent a dedicated server so that his friends and anyone else who was interested would have a consistent place to meet up and enjoy a few rounds together. He dubbed the server, the Time2Kill server. After seeing traffic on his new server improve over the first few months, ATB decided to take it a step further and form a small clan. This new clan called itself the Time 2 Kill Clan with the moniker <(T2K)>.

The philosophy of this new clan was that anyone could join regardless of skill, so long as they wanted to have fun and be part of a new family. Some of the earliest players to join included Red Riot, Ezy, Skizy, Blood Corps, SuicideXN, Bunny, Legend, Joe, Mudbridge, Dzombie, and other legends. From such a strong core of members, the first squad was born. This was the Elite Squad, known as the fiercest and most loyal soldiers of the clan. The Elite Squad took only the best of the best from the general clan membership. They identified themselves with a gold 2. During wars with other clans, the elites marched onto the battlefield and begat their reign of destruction.

As more and more members joined, the desire for a variety of gametypes led ATB to rent a server box and open multiple servers including Battlefront (one of the most successful CTF servers in SOF2), Deathmatch (which would be known by various names over the years), and Infinite Carnage (a great INF/Elim server). With the new servers and a burgeoning website/forum in place, the clan blossomed to over 200 members by 2007.

During this time of massive growth, it became clear that there needed to be more structure within the clan. A clan leader with a small group of clan co-leaders or council members can successfully run a small to moderate size clan, but a group of 200 people requires a bit more flexibility. Thus, the squad structure was introduced. The original squads were:

S.W.A.T. Squad - Leaders include Goofy (founder), Blood Corps, Skillz, Dzombie, Geeza, Tide, JigSaw, FreaKy (current leader)
Riot Squad - Leaders include Red Riot (founder), The Sniper (current leader)
Imperial Squad - Leaders include Bunny (founder), SteevBomber, HardStyle, Eruption, Prodigy (current leader)
Rebel Squad - Leaders include Plasma (founder), Killadan, Sgt Smalls, Stuka, Beninhas (current leader)

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